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Maia Sherrill - Brand Ambassador Program

• To develop brand awareness and status with the brand’s target audience.

• Build relationships and execute high energy on-premise promotions in local influence accounts.
• Impact participation in local events.

How it works

  1. Regional Manager educates the Distributor about the program.
  2. Distributor designates an individual to be the Ambassador’s primary contact.
  3. Working as a team, MSP will identify 25-50 target on-premise accounts, plus local events, for the Ambassador to pursue.

Meeting that must take place:

  1. Every two months a review with the Ambassador and Distributor contact.
  2. Monthly update meetings between Ambassador and Wholesaler contact.
  3. Ambassador and Distributor sales team work together to begin developing the brand in target accounts.
  4. It is imperative that regular communication be developed between Distributor contact and Ambassador.

Working Relationship:

  • The Ambassador must be viewed as part of the team and not just a promotional person.
  • The Ambassador is not to work independently of the Wholesaler.
  • The Distributor and the local sales team should be aware of all activities that the Ambassador in involved in.
  • The Ambassador reports directly to Maia Sherrill Promotions
  • MSP, Inc. is responsible for day-to-day management of the Ambassador.
  • The Ambassador is budgeted to conduct a targeted number of on-premise promotions per month.
  • Copies of promotion evaluations will be forwarded to the contact manager monthly.


Why have Ambassadors?

  1. To identify and target accounts consistent with brand objectives to concentrate efforts on market influence accounts.
  2. To provide the information and confidence to bartenders and wait staff, and sales staff so they become educated recommenders of your product.
  3. So that Ambassadors can take the time required to talk with an account management, bar staff and wait staff about your product. To build strong local relationship between your brand and the community, so brand awareness is built through word of mouth.
  4. To provide the necessary resources, to effectively execute on and Off-premise sampling of your product. To conduct special events, so your product is profiled with influential people in the community and receive logo placement for your product.

Ambassador’s Role.

  1. Works with the Distributor representative, not in place of him/her
  2. Develops and maintains share of mandatory Key targeted accounts.
  3. Implements sales programs; selects, organizes and attends on-premise promotions.
  4. Targets key on-premise accounts to build brand and develop recommenders.
  5. Build product knowledge among staff, so they give your product extra attention at on and off-premise accounts
  6. Works with and trains sales force on how to conduct your product promotions, so that they have an army of educated people.

Ten-step plan:
Use the following thirteen-step guide as a check list for implementing local on-premise promotions.

  1. Schedule meetings with ambassador and Distributor contact.
  2. Select trend settings area’s within the market.
  3. Identify key target accounts within the market and set objectives
  4. Begin sequence programming of on-premise accounts.
  5. Set up promotions with key accounts.
  6. Implement Distributor and wait staff trainings
  7. Identify local community events for participation.
  8. Initiate plan to develop local event participation.
  9. Initiate collection of bar staff names and addresses for future direct contact and mail program.
  10. Continue to develop relationships with Distributor personnel and key account bar and wait staff.


To accomplish your objectives, MSP, Inc. will provide the following:

  • Professional, hard working, and motivated Ambassador
  • Account confirmations
  • Point of sale mentoring
  • Key account tracking
  • Report evaluations
  • Product training
  • Pictures from promotions on line


Ambassadors reporting forms

The following list of three reporting forms should be used to assist with daily work activities. Use them for planning and reporting important feedback information.

A description with information explaining the purpose and instructions for use precedes each form in the following section.
List of three forms provided includes:

  1. Target Account list.
  2. Expense report.
  3. Promotion Evaluation

Target Account list


Use to identify target accounts for market development.

  1. Work with the local Wholesaler to identify Ambassadors target influence and class accounts.
  2. Once Ambassador has identified the target accounts they will submit the list to ambassador and Wholesaler.
  3. The Ambassador will update target list quarterly.

Expense Report

Use to submit your expenses for reimbursement.


  1. Expense reports must be submitted on the last day of the month.
  2. Forms should be submitted to the ambassador, for approval
  3. A promotion evaluation form must be submitted for each activity conducted on the expense report.
  4. Receipts are required for all expenses.


Promotion Evaluation form.

Use to document results of on-premise promotions.


  1. complete information for each individual promotion completed
  2. Take and submit photos of each event
  3. Ensure Ambassadors document how many bottles of product used in promotion and the quantity of point of sale materials used.
  4. Evaluations must be submitted with the expense report.

We cover the following areas.
MSP has been specializing in executing on and off promotions for over two decades.

  • Monterey/Santa Cruz
  • San Jose/South Bay
  • Peninsula
  • San Francisco
  • Marin
  • Santa Rosa
  • Napa
  • Sacramento
  • Tahoe
  • Chico
  • Fresno
  • Modesto
  • Stockton

We take pride in being able to service such a diverse market as San Francisco. We have promotion staff that represents the Mainstream, Urban, Hispanic, Asian, and all other cultural communities that exist in this challenging market.